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Our Clinic

Patient appointments
Appointments are done to your convenience and to minimize waiting time. Contact us through the any of the listed possibilities below. We look forward to making bookings possible on line in the very near future.

about company

Established in January 1993 as premier out patient professional physiotherapy clinic to cater mainly for clients in the central business district of Nairobi. This was done bearing in mind the inconvenience of moving out of the city centre and also as a convergence centre for other clients coming from the outskirts.

The Company is based at Eco Bank Towers, on the 9th level. The Management, Clinic, Shop and Sales offices are located here.


Equipments Maintenance
We have an engeneering depertment managed by qualified personel that caters and supports all the sold as well as the inhouse equipments hence ensuring safty and smooth running of our clinic .


Welcome to the home of physiotherapy services, for the last 10 years we have been focusing and making sure that you and all of our clients in East and Central Africa are provided with the right type of injury treatment services that will help you heal properly.

Due to the above mentioned fact we have been honored to patner with the main manufactureres of all the products we supply because of our proffesional aproach.

Sales, Aftersales

Our Products
Since inception we have been offering products and services to the physiotherapy cases all over Kenya, East and Central African countries. We research on the best products that suit our conditions.

Openning and Closing

Week days
Openning :- 8:00 AM.
Clossing :- 5:00 PM.
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Openning :- 9:00 AM.
Clossing :-1:00 PM.

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On special cases we open over holiday or unmentioned hours.

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